Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yogurt Painting - A New Look And Taste To Junk Mail

How to improve the look (and taste) of junk mail...

First step - look really cute in pigtails and Flashdance ensemble - check!

Second step - take morning yogurt and smear all over junk mail flyer - check!

Third step - lick off and go back to step one!

Then just give your Mom a great big cute smile when she sees the huge mess she gets to clean up.  "Don't worry Mom, you can lick it clean!"  It's a good thing I love you Asa Bean

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

D's Performance Team Show

Tonight was Dylan's "Performance Team" Performance at school.  Her talent was Hula Hooping - or as she calls it Hulie Hooping.  She is a natural performer so you can only imagine how much she loved performing in front of the school!  Look at her go - four hoops and all!

Monday, January 12, 2015

To The Moon And Back

If Dylan's wondering where all her underwear is please tell her they all went to the moon and back this afternoon.  Uh, not my idea FYI.

Kiki's Delivery Service

Anyone seen Kiki's Delivery Service?  A super cute film if you haven't, which we have 6 times since receiving it - come on over, we're happy to watch it again.  So today Asa grabs the broom from the garage, jumps on and starts running up and down the alley yelling "Kiki, Kiki".  At one point even starts reaching out to me as if wanting me to give her a package to deliver.

 Oh and the outfit (stripes, flowers, butterflies, and turquoise shoes), Asa's idea.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

'Tis Ski Season

 Today we dusted off the ski's and headed up to Snoqualmie Pass.  Here's little Bean on her first pair of ski's (the same ones Cousin Jackson and Dylan wore).  She was excited to put them on right out of the car.

 And here's Miss D snowbunny in this years snow gear hitting the slopes like an ol' pro - a big smile on her face the whole time!  Right out of the gate Dylan and Matt hit the chairlift.  Oh little Bean didn't like that at all - first she got mad that SHE didn't get any poles so you could only imagine what happened when seeing dad and big sis riding away in a chairlift!  Boots, gloves, and hat all came flying off in a big ol' hissy fit.  So after a few runs Dylan and Matt took Asa up the Magic Carpet and all was well again.

Not bad for a first day up!  Dylan's suppose to start lessons next week but since there's not much snow we can only keep our fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Family Bowling Night With The Clark's (The Other Clark's)

 To celebrate the New Year with The Clark's (the other Clark's) we decided to go bowling!  Not sure if the girls were more excited about actually bowling or getting new shoes to wear.  And who knew they made shoes Asa's size!

 Here's Aunt Liz getting a high five from Jackson.

 And Uncle Ben showing us his fancy bowling skills. 

 Asa is taking it all in for her game with Uncle Ben.  And look at those little bowling shoes!  How cute are they!!!

 Asa's turn!  They have these fun little bowling racks for the little kiddo's to use.  Asa wasn't so sure about it all at first but then quickly got the hang of it especially with big sis showing her.

Okay so is it bad when your 2 year old scores better than you?  Yes, I came in last place - heck someone had to do it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015